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The New Classic

I love my new Sam Villa Texture iron.  Its great for adding bulk to otherwise limp hair.  Here I textured the hair all over with the iron and folded it under in the front to look like a faux bob.  I love these more simple, modern styles that I don’t typically get to do on clients.  I wanted her hair to look classic with a softness, like a pillow.

 Make up is Kat Von D blush in Por Vida on the lids and cheekies,  Kat Von D everlasting lipstick in Love Spell, Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow in Soft Brown, KvD everlasting Eyeliner in Ink and Perversion mascara and subversion primer by Urban Decay.




Photographer Tim Tiebout http://www.timtiebout.com

Model Dana Buckley

Hair and Makeup by Alex Tuley

Perfect Pout with NYX Lip Primer

Up until about a year ago I wasn’t sure if I could wear lipstick. Actually, I wasn’t sure if I should.  I spent many nights in front of my bathroom mirror trying on every shade.  No matter how careful I was, I still felt like I was 5-years old going through my mother’s makeup.  Lip stick just looked like a smear across my mouth.   I kept blaming the lipstick, it must just be those cheap brands. I needed high-end rouge if I want a high-end pout.  And yeah, it helped, the better quality the product the easier it was to apply.  Wearability was another problem though.  Smudging, creasing, caking, feathering, I couldn’t figure it out.  And on top of it, trying to remember,  when you are a REAL lady, you can’t touch your face! Anyway, let’s just say I went through all the mishaps so you don’t have to.  I finally found my miracle product!



This NYX Lip Primer is the best! Truthfully, it is the only lip primer I have tried but it was everything I dreamed of! It has a velvety application which helps smooth lip texture.  I find using it with a matte color helps it turn into a sort of lip stain.  I can even kiss my boyfriend and his lips stay color free!  It has worked well with any lipstick I have put to the test, and no feathering!  I often wear lip stick to work.  I’ll apply my lipstick at 9am, spend all day under heat, talking, eating lunch/snacks, being awesome and get home around 8pm and my lips are in place.  Best part?? It costs about $7 at Ulta.  Thank you NYX, now anyone can be a real lady.