Pin Up Turns 1!


Although it has been a year since I bought Pin Up, I still feel like I’m just getting started!!! Exciting things are happening and sometimes I’m not sure if I’m completely ready but I’ve decided to trust myself and just allow this progression to happen.

Lately I’ve been catching up on one of my favorite shows, Project Runway. Each week the gang gets a project with specific parameters they must follow and produce something original that also shows their style. They create a vision and have to stand up for that, but lucky for them they have a panel of experts who can help steer them in the right direction. As a salon owner, I don’t have that.

Having my own shop and team has taught me a lot about myself. If you asked me two years ago if I wanted to eventually own my own shop, the answer would have been, NO THANK YOU. It takes a lot of guts to have your own thing, your own baby that you present to the world. And it takes even more guts to stand up for it, and keep it going in the direction you envision. I’ve watched so many of my bosses struggle with this and I knew if I would ever decided to open my own spot it would take a lot of time, heartache, focus, and dedication. I just wasn’t sure if I was ready for that. But, as the opportunity presented itself I had to, as Tim Gunn says, ‘Make it work’!

I am so grateful for all the hands and help I’ve had along the way. Without the backing of family and friends that believe in me, I’m not sure I would have pulled it off! I also cannot thank my clients enough, they believe in me and my vision, and as a thank you I wanted to create a space that felt comfortable and cool.

Here’s to many more years of Pin Up!!

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