How to get FIERCE Brows.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 4.40.41 PM

(Believe it or not, I have a huge scar that runs through my right brow. Here are some tips of my brow game.)

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s not for everyone. But I can’t help myself. I want the fiercest eyebrows around. I want to bring the world to tears as they gaze upon the artistry that is my fierce as fuck eyebrows. I’ve been going on and on about eyebrows so much you probably think I secretly shame others for their undressed brows but it’s simply not true. I’m a makeup girl. I’m a modified girl. I love finding new ways to create different looks on my face and lately I’ve been really into taking my brows to the next level. To me, makeup is coequal to clothing, tattoos, hair color, nail polish and piercings. They all modify our body from the natural and give us a chance to express ourselves artistically.


I’m assuming you are familiar with eyebrow grooming and the basics. If not, please refer to my article Back to Basics,  get them brows in check and then come back here to level up.

Step 1: Make sure the area around your brows is clean and not oily. The filler you choose to use with have a hard time sticking and staying all day if your skin is oily. I usually just splash my face with water in the morning and pat it dry. I also use a brow primer. Yes, they make those and they are awesome. NYX makes a good brow primer but if you don’t have that just pat a little translucent over your brows and brow bone.


Step 2: Find a killer eyebrow filler. Anastasia Beverly Hills makes amazing eyebrow fillers and a luxurious brush that goes along with it. NYX makes a great (and cheap) mircopencil I also use. But there are tons out there. I like to go to Sephora or Ulta and try them all out. A eye shadow can works well too! Sometimes I use a brow pomade with a powder over it if I know I need some extra stay power.

download (3)

Step 3: Practice freehand or buy stencils. Stencils generally come in a pack of several sizes. I’ve used stencils but they are usually too long for my face, but sometimes I use them anyways because I like changing it up. Really take the time to practice. I really love the NYX mircopencil for this, you can start out keeping it really soft and build it up.


Step 4: Dust em off. You can use concealer and a small brush to help define them. My brows are much differently shaped from each other, and that’s cool. Eyebrows are SISTERS not TWINS, so don’t sweat over them not being identical. However, I do like it to have a defined line along the bottowm, so I use a flat eyeshadow brush to run a small dab of concealer along my browbone.

Step 5: Highlight.  I use a fat white pencil.  During the day a swipe a short line along my arch and use a shadow brush to feather it out along my browbone.  At night, I start above my iris and run a line out along my brow just past the tail.  I use the brush to soften the line, sometimes I’ll leave the line a  little less smudged, just to keep them more dramatic.

( Tip-this fat white pencil is awesome to use for highlighting under your brow but you can also use it as a lip primer under a really bright lipstick, this will really help it pop!)


Step 5: Make sure they stay in place.  I go over my brow hair with a black mascara (I wipe the wand first so it’s not chunky) to keep the hairs in place.  Several companies make a clear brow gel that will work the same way if the mascara makes your brow hair too fat.

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