Model Down

I’m not exactly camera shy but after I agreed to be a model for  Phoenix, a photographer in my building, I could feel my stomach flip.  All I could imagine was me desperately trying my best to make a “sexy” pose and the woman begging me to stop.  Looking like a child with lipstick smeared all over their mouth and mommy’s high heels on.  I spent a few minutes here or there looking at myself in a full length mirror practicing posing.  The more I thought about my body, I forgot about my face, the more I thought about my face the more anxious I got about my body shape.  Eventually I decided to just relax, being insecure and neurotic certainly was not going to help produce a good photo.

Phoenix had a few different shots in mind that she wanted to capture.  One was a head shot inspired by a men’s razor advertisement from the 50’s, another was a photo of Jennifer Lopez with amazing hair and low back cut dress.  We sat down a week before the shoot and had a quick chat about the logistics of it all.  She told me I can bring a bunch of fun outfits, sexy underwear, dresses or whatever to play with.  I was also told there would be wine and snacks (thank god!).  Phoenix sounded super pumped about working on this project together, so naturally it helped calmed my nerves and got me really excited too.

The day of the shoot, I arrived at the studio in the late afternoon.  Part of the set was already in place and several big lighting fixtures all around it.  I had a glass of wine while I applied my makeup and fixed my hair.  The first photo we were working on was the men’s razor ad.  In this scene, Pheonix wanted to capture the long necked pose from the original.  Getting the set and lighting perfect can take some time, the actual picture taking part didn’t take long at all.  The directions were easy to follow, and the bright lights and wine put me in a model trance.


All the photos came out more amazing then I could have ever imagined!  I realized after doing this shoot that I had no reason for being nervous.  A talented photographer is going to set you at ease and help bring out the inner hotness. Turns out in the correct lighting and through a very expensive lens, we are all babes.  But, truthfully, we are mega-babes already!  And I think it’s important to remind ourselves of that, no matter the shape, size, or age.  Everyone has a beauty that is unique to them.  Having confidence in yourself is one of the sexiest traits a gal can have.  It’s too bad so many woman shame each other into thinking confidence is somehow showing off or slutty.  And even if it is, who cares??  We shouldn’t be so quick to judge what makes others feel good.  To each it’s own, girlfriend!  Show it, Flaunt it, Selfie it, Tuck it, Accentuate it, Hide it, Color it,  Love it!


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