Hair for a Throne

Photos taken by Cait Molloy

I invited one of besties, Erin,  to stop by the salon and have a little medieval fun! The style was inspired by the totally bad ass head chain she produced from her bag. A very lucky thift find, no doubt. I wanted her to look elegant, regal and commanding.  A style she could take to a battle field or ball.

.As you can see my hair is black, these photos were taken about 2 years ago. I have SOOO many photos to add to my portfolio that I haven’t had a home for until now.  I will be a very busy bee this summer making the seacoast beautiful and plan to update all my favorite wedding styles and trends weekly.

Coconut Dip



I Love Coconut Oilcoconut


Summer time can be a little tricky when it comes to good hair days.  For one, we have some harsh elements against us: sun, humidity, ocean, and random thunder storms.  Secondly,  what is the point of making your hair look pretty if you’re just going to jump in the ocean? That is why I recommend all my clients head to their local grocery store for some tropical treatments. Coconut oil is light, so it absorbs well into the skin and hair. It also has natural anti-fungal anti-bacterial properties, which can’t hurt right?

Slather a teaspoon through your hair after a long day on the beach. The oils will help bring back some oomph into those salted locks and help block humidity from making it grow, even if you haven’t washed the sea out (and why bother?).